Monday, July 4, 2016

Mailbox Independence Day

Thanks for joining me for Mailbox Monday! MM was created by Marcia, who graciously hosted it for a long, long time, before turning it into a touring event. Mailbox Monday has now returned to its permanent home where you can link to your MM post.

I got one book last week, and I am very excited to read it:Two books came into my house last week, and both look very good:

The Innocents by Ace Atkins. This is the latest in Atkins's Quinn Colson series, which is new to me. It's praised as "Modern Southern gothic" with a magnetic hero,"crackling humor," muscular prose, etc., etc. I can't wait to dive in.

Sensing Light by Mark A. Jacobson. This new novel is based on the true story of doctors working on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS crisis in San Francisco, starting in 1979, before the disease was even identified. It sounds fascinating.

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  1. Hi Gilion,

    I do hope that you enjoyed your July 4th celebrations. We had our own personal reasons to celebrate the day, in fact the entire weekend, despite not being Americans, as it was our eldest niece's 30th birthday. When I have such close ties with so many US bloggers, it was very clever of my sister-in-law to give birth on July 4th :)

    A couple of great books to keep you busy this week, although I have to admit that I am more drawn to 'The Innocents', after checking out both storylines.

    Thanks for sharing :)



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