Monday, February 8, 2016

Mailbox Monday: Erica Jong

Thanks for joining me for Mailbox Monday! MM was created by Marcia, who graciously hosted it for a long, long time, before turning it into a touring event. Mailbox Monday has now returned to its permanent home where you can link to your MM post.

My mom sent me a book in celebration of my upcoming birthday this week:

Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir by Erica Jong.

Ha! Fifty and Feisty is my new motto!


  1. Hi Gilion,

    First of all 'Happy Birthday' and enjoy your very special day :)

    I'm assuming your mom has a wicked sense of humour, as do you, if you are up for reading the book!

    As I am not a memoir reader, this is the kind of book that I might have on the shelf, simply to browse from time to time, but rather more for the anecdots, rather than Erica's own experiences of reaching fifty and life afterwards.

    Don't worry though ... Fifty isn't all that big a deal and it generally passes by just like any other birthday. The only trouble is, that like myself, you then eventually end up by looking down the barrel of gun as 60 approaches.

    Best Wishes,



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