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Book Beginning: Alice in Bed by Judith Hooper


Coming back from a meeting yesterday, I got stuck in traffic, so didn't get back to my office in time to post last evening.

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The Streets of Boston and Cambridge are running through my head again, and it is as effortless as dreaming.

-- Alice in Bed by Judith Hooper. Alice James was the sister of novelist Henry James and philosopher William James. Hoper's historical novel tells the story of Alice's life, mostly through letters with her famous brothers, because Alice has taken to bed with a mysterious illness.

Alice in Bed is getting a lot of buzz. It's perfect for a rainy fall weekend!


guiltless reader said...

Hope the traffic isnt THAT bad! Here's my link:

I'll check in tomorrow :)

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Love the pumpkin...hope the traffic improves...and here's my link:

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Or you can try it this way: My Post: “COP TOWN”

Amy said...

No worries! :) I hope you get out of the traffic jam soon, I HATE them :( Nothing to do, no toilet, no food (unless you're prepared), you know? To be fair, it's a beautiful picture :D Makes you think of everything Autumn and Halloweenie, he he.

Anonymous said...

But it's such a nice pumpkin! It does deserve it's own post!

fredamans said...

Maria said...

Lovely pumpkin!

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Catherine BookClubLibrarian said...

TGIF...hope you have a good weekend.

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Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Gilion,

I hope that by the time I catch up with this post on UK time, that you will be home safe and sound.

That you even bothered to think about the post, is great in itself, unless of course, you really were THAT stuck and had nothing better to do!

I will try and check back later on Friday, but here is my link for now ..

'All Fall Down' is a World War ll saga.

Take Care :)


Mark Baker said...

Ugh! Traffic. Say no more.

Here's my link.

Mark @ Carstairs Considers

Hayley C said...

Hope you're out of the traffic jam by now and safely home.

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Hayley @ Rathertoofondofbooks

Elizabeth B said...

Looks like peridots surrounding your pumpkin, so sweet! Sorry about traffic, I am using shared wi/fi right now and find it very annoying. Remember back when we thought just having a connection was great? Here's my link

Elizabeth said...

Love the pumpkin photo.

Hope the traffic clears up soon.

Have a great Friday and weekend.

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Silver's Reviews

Sherry Fundin said...

Don't ya just hate that. Nice pumpkin pic.
sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

Katherine P said...

Love the pumpkin! Hope the traffic wasn't too awful. My Link:

Lisa Ks Book Reviews said...

I hope you're okay! Love the pumpkin pic.

Sherrie said...

Hi Gillon,
Here's by book beginnings link.

Sherrie@Food for Thought

Abbi Hart said...

Abbi@Christian Novels

JLS Hall said...

Hope the traffic calmed down. So glad I'm retired!

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JC Jones said...

Traffic can be terrible. Here is my link:

LuAnn Braley said...

Thanks for having this link-up!

Patricia said...

Been forever since I did a Book Beginnings on Friday. I forgot what fun it is.

Diane Coto said...

Alice in Bed sounds like very interesting reading. :)
@dino0726 from 
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