Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Make It Mighty Ugly by Kim Piper Werker

This grand adventure is what led me directly into the arms of Mighty Ugly just a couple of years later. All my fear of being misunderstood, my shame about being different, how stuck I felt about what to do next – I found it all together and started making ugly things.
-- Make It Mighty Ugly: Exercises & Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain't Pretty: A Handbook for Vanquishing Creative Demons by Kim Piper Werker.

Make It Mighty Ugly is about overcoming "demons" like procrastination, self-doubt, and perfectionism to be more creative.  Werker identifies common demons, then provides advice and hands-on exercises to start creating things and sustain your creative habits,

I usually associate creativity with arts-and-crafts, DIY projects, and maybe fiction writing. My hope is to apply Werker's advice and techniques in my law practice to think more creatively of how to help my clients and resolve the conflicts they are involved in.

This is one of the great books in the Sasquatch Books fall catalog.

Teaser Tuesdays is hosted by Should Be Reading, where you can find the official rules for this weekly event.

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  1. I need this book -- not only for my arts-and-crafts projects but also for writing! Thanks for posting about it.
    My Tuesday post features THE BEARWALKER’S DAUGHTER.


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