Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: The Journal of My Broken Life

The Journal of My Broken Life by Carolee J. Horning. Available in paperback or a Kindle edition.

Carolee Horning is an inspirational and now-fearless woman who broke decades of silence about how her Catholic priest seduced and sexually molested her when she was an immature teenager. When she was 40, she came forward to bring a claim against the Portland Archdiocese and tell the world about her experience.

While victims of sexual abuse have the right to sue without disclosing their names, Carolee wanted to use her own name and to get her story out in the hopes it would help other victims have the strength to come forward and talk about what happened to them.

This book is Carolee's first-person account of her abuse, her lawsuit, and her path from victim to survivor. It is an honest, straight-from-the-heart story that deserves a wide audience.

I recommend this book for anyone who works with or supports child abuse victims, any victims working on their own healing, or anyone looking for greater understanding of how child sexual abuse affects adults even decades later.

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