Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: The Founder's Find by Scott Frey

Following the ensuing applause, silence once again came over the auditorium as the dark figure of the Pemich shepherd stepped forward. He threw off his hood and stared out at the young faces, evoking a collective inhale from the firsties at the sight of him.
-- The Founder's Find by Scott Frey.  This teaser gives a pretty good feel for this YA fantasy story, the first book in a new fantasy series called Watchers of Worlds. See the trailer about the creation of The Founder's Find and read more about this enthralling new series on the author's website, here.

The Founder's Find is available in a paperback edition, but the Kindle edition is on super sale right now for only $.99!


This is the story of Kade Mackenzie, a thirteen-year-old boy born into the foster system of Los Angeles and plagued most of his life by seizures and inadequate guardianship. Despite his circumstances Kade has not given up hope that something better lies ahead for him. One day, desperate to leave the confining walls of his foster parent’s apartment, Kade puts his faith in a man promising him a new beginning far, far away. Soon Kade finds himself immersed in a world he could have scarcely imagined to be possible. It is a world of many fascinating beauties, enlivening ideas and deep, dusky mysteries. Not everyone is as they first appear. It is in this new world that Kade Mackenzie will be forced to find who he truly is.

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  1. This is an awesome book! If you haven't read it then you need to!!

  2. Everyone I know who has gotten their hands on this book can't put it down. Yet again I am begging the question: when am I going to start reading it? I'm really looking forward to the interview with this new and apparently dynamic young author. Perhaps it will tip the scale when I'm deciding my next read?


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