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Book Beginning: The Founder's Find by Scott Frey


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Aids, secretaries and all manner of staff did their best to get out of the way of the hulking man striding through the corridor.
-- The Founder's Find by Scott Frey.  That's a pretty good scene-setter for a first sentence.  We know it is some kind of institution, but whether it is a school, government agency, or what is still up in the air.

The Founder's Find is the first book in a new YA "philosophical fantasy" series called Watchers of Worlds. See the trailer and read more about this absorbing new series on the author's website, here.  The Kindle edition is on super sale right now for only $.99!


This is the story of Kade Mackenzie, a thirteen-year-old boy born into the foster system of Los Angeles and plagued most of his life by seizures and inadequate guardianship. Despite his circumstances Kade has not given up hope that something better lies ahead for him. One day, desperate to leave the confining walls of his foster parent’s apartment, Kade puts his faith in a man promising him a new beginning far, far away. Soon Kade finds himself immersed in a world he could have scarcely imagined to be possible. It is a world of many fascinating beauties, enlivening ideas and deep, dusky mysteries. Not everyone is as they first appear. It is in this new world that Kade Mackenzie will be forced to find who he truly is.


  1. This new series sounds like it could be the next big hit. The intro does instantly grab the reader's attention. Thanks for sharing and hosting Book Beginnings!
    Happy Reading,

  2. I visited the author's site. It was interesting.

  3. Hi Gilion,

    I too visited the author website .. Oh! to be several decades younger!!

    For someone who is stated as being thirteen, life sounds pretty intense for this young man.

    The opening lines definitely have the 'pull' factor, although do I detect a spelling error in the first word ... surely that should be AIDES? ... I did double check inside the book and it is the author's spelling which appears to be incorrect ... Oh! how I hate badly edited work!

    To me the setting sounds like a government institution, maybe even presidential.

    Not a book for me, although I hope that you enjoy it.

    Thanks for hosting and have a good weekend.


  4. I like the book description. I will check it out.....

  5. I like the blurb, but the BB is definitely what did it. I have so many questions, who is the hulking man, why is he angry, etc.! Thanks for sharing and hosting :) I hope you have a good weekend!
    My Friday Post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  6. This looks brilliant! I watched the trailer - I do love a good book trailer - and I love how much background was explained. I love the idea of the author and his dad working together on the book, it just sounds lovely. I'll defs be adding that to my TBR pile :) thanks! Xx

  7. I had an interesting visit to the authors website. I enjoyed this book beginning.

  8. @Yvonne@fiction-books, sharp eye on the aid/aide distinction! I actually had that discussion with my editor as we went through an early draft. My understanding is that many American authors have begun move away from using "aide," opting for "aid" instead. The only reasoning I have ascertained underpinning the evolution is simplicity. I chose what I thought was the more progressive route, but, to each their own I suppose.

    And thank you to everybody who gave feedback on the first chapter and the trailer on the site. If you have any questions about the book or series I'd happily share whatever I can!

  9. I need to look for this book for my library. a philosophical thriller. Hmmm. That is a genre I haven't heard of before.

  10. Sounds quite interesting...thanks for sharing.

    I am a bit late, but better late than never. :)

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings


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