Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Beginning: Put an Egg on It by Lara Ferroni

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It never fails.  When I look at a menu, my eyes magically zoom to any dish where an egg appears.

-- from the author's Introduction to Put an Egg on It: 70 Delicious Dishes That Deserve a Sunny Topping by Lara Ferroni. 

I absolutely LOVE this cookbook! The recipes are simple but creative and there are gorgeous pictures for almost every dish.  It would be a great gift for any cook, but the PERFECT gift for new cooks setting up house for the first time.

Put an Egg on It is another attractive and inspiring cookbook from Sasquatch Books, one of my very favorite independent publishers.


  1. What an great cover photo! Now I want to have an omelette :) Have a great weekend, Gilion!

  2. This made me smile because it really reminded me of my grandfather who was famous in the family for putting a poached egg on anything he pulled out of the refrigerator!

  3. Mmmm, egg :) Sounds like a great cookbook, will definitely keep my eye out for it! Thanks for sharing this, happy reading :)

    My Friday Book Memes

  4. Ooh I love eggs too! Glad you are enjoying this cookbook Gilion. Happy weekend.

  5. Oh ..I'm afraid don't like eggs much!!

    But the opening of the book is descriptive !

  6. It is really cold and snowy here. With this kind of weather I have to have eggs for breakfast. Visit my blog for my beginning and a picture of the snow at my house.

  7. Sounds good. Eggs are my "go-to" food when I don't know what else to fix. Gorgeous cover too.

  8. looks like a good cookery book to have on the shelf

  9. another great cook book! thanks for sharing

  10. I don't hate eggs, but they're not my favorite food, so I really never think about cooking them. Maybe I need this book!

  11. I just found your blog (through a search for Friday memes). I'm excited to participate!

  12. I'm feeling hungry now. Being a vegetarian, I get a lot of my protein from eggs.

  13. Love cookbooks...thanks for sharing.

    I am still out of town, but will be heading home tomorrow.

    I am not participating in this week's book beginnings but will definitely have a post on my blog next Friday. Just checking out other posts for now.

    Meanwhile, don't forget about this giveaway below if you haven't entered.

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    My Blog

    Guess The Baby: Giveaway

  14. Never really considered reviewing cook books before... hmmm perhaps that is because I have never really considered cooking before? lol. I think cook books frighten me. Love the meme!

  15. Never really considered reviewing cook books before... hmmm perhaps that is because I have never really considered cooking before? lol. I think cook books frighten me. Love the meme!


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