Thursday, June 13, 2013

Used Book Love

I can think of dozens of reasons I buy used books, including the availability of out-of-print titles, price, and the happy feeling I get from knowing a book is being "reused" instead of recycled.

What about you? Do you buy used books? Why do you? Or don't you?

For fanciers of used and rare books lucky enough to be in Portland this weekend, try to stop by the Rose City Used Book Fair, where 40+ dealers will offer a treasure trove of cool books and ephemera. 

If you need further encouragement, check out this spify "info-graphic" the folks at Thriftbooks came up with and asked me to post.  


  1. I buy used books, but only when they are in Very good or better condition - silly I know:) It's amazing the brand new books you can often find at these sales though.

  2. Oh my. I wish I could....but I don't think I'll be able to make it there from Indiana. :-)

    I love used books!

  3. I don't think I will make it this weekend. Don't get back from the Philippines until next weekend. I will then head straight to my favorite used bookstore, "Wallace's" on Milwaukee in West Moreland.

  4. Good timing for this question, since I visited two used book stores today! I love buying used books because you can get more for your money since they're typically cheaper than new books. Used bookstores also have a different, almost mysterious, feel compared to bigger chains like Barnes & Noble. It feels like a treasure hunt!

  5. I'm all for used books! It's lovely sifting through them, coming across original covers ... and the history (sometimes an odd inscription). Sounds like you're going to have fun going, gilion!


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