Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Beginnings: Holdfast: At Home in the Natural World by Kathleen Dean Moore

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In the green, light-shot sea along the Oregon coast, bullwhip kelp lean toward land on the incoming tides and swirl seaward as the water fall away, never letting go of their grip on the ocean floor.

-- Holdfast: At Home in the Natural World,  a much-appreciated reprint of collection of essays by award-winning nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore. This edition is part of the OSU Press Northwest Reprint series.

This is available on amazon or direct from OSU Press

Naturalist and philosopher Kathleen Dean Moore meditates on connection and separation in these twenty-one elegant, probing essays. Using the metaphor of holdfasts—the structures that attach seaweed to rocks with a grip strong enough to withstand winter gales—she examines our connections to our own bedrock.


  1. Holdfast looks a beautiful book, descriptive and philosophical.

  2. My non-fiction reading doesn't usually include a lot of nature books, but this one sounds almost poetical.

  3. P.S.
    I use Instagram and have used the hashtag #bookbeginnings

  4. It both looks and sounds beautiful, the description of how it holds onto the sea floor! Thanks for hosting! On a second note, would you like to be part of my blog tour for 'Confessions of a Harry Potter Fan'? Drop me an email, if yes :)
    My Friday Post

    Hope you have a great weekend,

    Juli @ Universe in Words

  5. Holdfast looks like a fascinating and enlightening read. I will have to be on the lookout for this one. I hope you have a great week!
    Happy Reading,
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  6. I like that opener! Beautiful cover, too.

  7. I used to read books about nature quite a bit but seem to have strayed to other topics. I think it's time to return and this book sounds like a good one to start with.

  8. Intriguing opening, I like the cover of the book. Happy reading!

    My Friday Book Memes

  9. Beautiful opening. The Oregon coast is breathtaking, and it sounds like this author has captured that beauty.

  10. Nice beginning. This looks like a very good read.

  11. the cover looks great.. and i have been wanting to find a book of essays to read (my challenges have been sadly forgotten)..this one fits the bill

  12. It's frustrating to discover (two weeks in a row) that I forgot to come back here and add my name to the Mister Linky widget. No wonder nobody has been commenting on Friday's. I usually post just after midnight Eastern time, which is three hours before it's midnight there -- and then you don't post until the next morning. By then, I'm well into my day and have forgotten all about it. Sorry 'bout that. Better late than never, I guess.


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