Friday, April 12, 2013

Book Beginnings: Sea of Regret

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When it was over, Kate Dalton vowed to abolish the phrase "if only" from her vocabulary and make peace with what they did to survive.

-- Sea of Regret by Carolyn J. Rose.  That opening sentence gives me chills!

This is the second of the Carolyn J. Rose books I got a couple of weeks back.  This one is the sequel to An Uncertain Refuge, set on the Oregon coast and starring Kate Dalton.

The other book I got was Through a Yellow Wood, set in the Catskill Mountains and the sequel to Hemlock Lake, a series featuring Dan Stone.

Rose and her husband, Mike Nettleton, are both authors and even have written a couple of books together.  Rose has written several mysteries, set on the Oregon coast or in the Catskill Mountains where Carolyn grew up.  She and Nettleson also blog together at Deadly Duo Duh.

Rose is leading a workshop on the elements of mystery at the Wordcatcher conference in Kalama, Washington on Saturday, April 20. Click the link for details or to sign up for the conference. 


  1. Hi Gilion,

    I am just about to start reading 'An Uncertain Refuge', so was doubly interested in your opening lines this week.

    It is certainly a chilling opening sentence, although now I am a little concerned that perhaps 'An Uncertain Refuge' doesn't work as a stand alone story, I really don't like books that end up in the air and should have 'To Be Continued'... so that you never get closure until you read the sequel!

    Carolyn is certainly in the limelight at the moment, as I too have both of the other books that you mentioned, so I shall have to ensure that my posts don't coincide too much with your own and that I choose different 'teaser' lines etc.

    Thanks for hosting and I hope that you enjoy 'Sea Of Regret'


  2. Yvonne, don't worry. I wrote An Uncertain Refuge as a single book. Several years later the characters informed me they'd come up with ideas for another story that would pick up a year later.

    I'm enjoying the limelight.

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. It is good to know that I shall have two stories to look forward to, with the same characters in place.

    I am notoriously bad at following a series of books in any kind of order, which is why I enjoy stand alone stories, with a beginning,.
    a middle and a definitive end so much.

    Have a good weekend,


  4. Gilion, you asked a good question about the 1979 book Confessions of a Medical Heretic that I'm reading this week: "Does it feel dated? A lot has happened in Modern Medicine since 1979!"

    The book is still in print, maybe because the doctor tells what readers should watch for, and the specific stuff isn't what he emphasizes. For example, he says we can BUY a Physicians Desk Reference, whereas we today would say GOOGLE it. Otherwise, the information is surprisingly helpful.

    For those of you who haven't read my Book Beginnings post, it's here:

  5. Interesting excerpt. I try to use 'if only' as infrequently as I can. It's not worth living life with too many regrets.


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