Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Beginnings: Aurora

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Papa says my arrival in this mortal world was a new beginning.
-- Aurora, Daughter of the Dawn: A Story of New Beginnings by J. J. Kopp, published by OSU Press.

This short historical novel is based on the life of Aurora Keil, a young pioneer girl whose father founded the Aurora Colony in Oregon in the mid-1800s. The colony was a utopian communal settlement in rural Oregon. The book would make a terrific Christmas gift for young readers interested in real-life stories of pioneers.

The town of Aurora still has several historic buildings, many preserved as antique shops. It makes a wonderful day trip from Portland.


  1. Hi Gilion,

    This sounds like a great book for all younger readers.

    I think it is important that children should all learn about the history of the diverse communities and faiths which exist/existed, not only in their own countries, but further afield in the world as well.

    I knew nothing of the Aurora Community until I checked it out thanks to your post, a very interesting few minutes spent.


  2. Aurora is a lovely little town. This book does sound perfect for younger readers.

  3. That beginning is such an uplifting statement and the style of the book cover engaging for younger readers.

  4. Wow! This week I'm reading a book for young readers too. But it's a different genre, too.

    Sounds interesting! :D

  5. Beautiful thought! Thanks for sharing...and hosting.

  6. I should try checking out some books for younger readers. It might be fun! This one looks interesting.

  7. I just followed your link to amazon -this looks like an interesting book! I was not familiar with the Aurora Community, but have done some reading about another utopian community (Oneida) that was located in my area.

  8. This sounds like a book that would not only be good for younger readers but for grown-up ones as well! Thanks for posting its beginning today. Also, thank you for hosting "Book Beginnings." I don't always participate, but I'm always interested.

  9. lovely cover art! sounds like a nice read for kids!

  10. Haha. Awesome beginning...but I wonder what type of new beginning. Did you enjoy the book?
    Thanks for sharing. And a definite thanks for hosting Book Beginnings!

    Here's my book beginnings:


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