Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Every once in a while a diligent used book hound can hit it lucky. I did today when I happened to stop by Secondhand Prose, the Friends of the Library store in Oregon City.

I found a stash of Dick Francis books that someone had recently dropped off and they landed on the 25¢ shelf.  I grabbed all 24 of them for the whopping price of $6!

Eleven of them are duplicates for me -- I'll pass them on to my sister -- but thirteen are those I've been looking for, including two of his three Edgar winners, Whip Hand and Forfeit.  The list of those new to me are:

Dead Cert (1962)

Flying Finish (1966)

Forfeit (1968) (Edgar winner)

Slayride (1970)

Rat Race (1970)

Bonecrack (1971)

Risk (1977)

Trial Run (1978)

Whip Hand (1979) (Edgar winner featuring Sid Halley)

Reflex (1980)

Twice Shy (1981)

The Danger (1983)

Straight (1989)


  1. Congratulations! As a long-time Dick Francis fan I have all of them and have read them multiple times. For many years I would re-read the whole collection when each new book came out. My favorites are two of the ones new to you - Reflex and Straight. You make me want to grab them and do a re-read.

  2. Lucky you! I really miss Dick Francis. The books written jointly with his son just didn't match up; he was past his prime when he just couldn't write anything I didn't love.

  3. What an awesome find! It's great when you can actually find books already on the wishlist, but finding them for that cheap is icing on the cake. :)

  4. That is indeed a score. I read a lot of Dick Francis years ago and have a few I would like to read (or re-read)... not the newer ones. I found the first two Sid Halley books to be so real, unnerving. Almost too intense for me. I didn't know there were 4 of them (I have been looking at your Dick Francis page). I will have to seek those out for sure.


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