Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Opening Sentence: A Month of Sundays

Forgive me my denomination and my town; I am a Christian minister and an American.
A Month of Sundays by John Updike.

This rather coy beginning is understandable when the narrator, the Reverend Tom Marshfield, goes on to explain that he is spending a month in a rest home of sorts for disgraced clergy.   The novel takes the form of his daily journal entries describing, for the most part, his sexual exploits with the women in his congregation.


  1. Interesting, I always hear about A Prayer for Owen Meany and Ciderhouse rules. I've never heard of this one. I did enjoy reading Ciderhouse Rules. Wasn't successful with A Prayer for.....

  2. Tea: Those are John Irving. I get them mixed up all the time! But John Updike wrote all the Rabbit books, and Witches of Eastwick.


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