Friday, March 16, 2012

Opening Sentences of the Day: Wild in the City and Portland in Three Centuries

Wildness is as much a perception as reality.
-- Wild in the City: Exploring the Intertwine: The Portland-Vancouver Region's Network of Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas by Michael C. Houck and M. J. Cody, from OSU Press.  This book is a good inspiration to get out there and do some hiking!

The Pacific Northwest was an international trouble spot in 1845.
-- Portland in Three Centuries: The Place and the People by Carl Abbott, also published by OSU Press. It looks like a concise, readable history of Portland, and I love the cool zine cover.

A Few More Pages hosts Book Beginnings every Friday.  The event is open for the entire week.


  1. I'm sure being from Oregon myself has something to do with it, but both of those look good to me. :)

  2. Hi Gilion,

    Personally I am not that much of a non-fiction reader, however these kind of 'coffee table' book are great for browsing and I just love the opening line of 'Wild In The City'.

    Hubbie and I have just taken over a franchise for a company which promotes 'Treasure Trails' around some of our local towns and attractions. I have seen so many things that I never noticed before and ithas been an inspiration to get out there and explore what is on my own doorstep.

    I think it is great that you are discovering so much about your own local area and State, so enjoy your books and have a good weekend.


  3. I have enjoyed visiting Oregon several times throughout my life...these both look good!



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