Monday, January 9, 2012

Mailbox Monday

Thanks for joining me for Mailbox Monday! MM was created by Marcia at A girl and her books (fka The Printed Page), who graciously hosted it for a long, long time, before turning it into a touring meme (details here).

Alyce at At Home With Books is hosting in January.  Please stop by her wonderful blog!

Here is a short list of books I got last week:

Glow by Jessica Maria Tuccelli. This looks like it is going to be really good. Amazon describes it as "A breathtaking Georgia-mountain epic about the complex bond of mothers and daughters across a century." Wow.

This could be a pick for the Southern Literature Reading Challenge, once I finally get my sign up post up.

Thanks go to intrepid book publicist, Mary Bisbee-Beek, for getting me an early copy of Glow.

Mary also got me a copy of Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Exploring the Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanes (see trailer here).

This one has huge appeal for me right now because I am in Anchorage this week, where it is 0 degrees, snowing, and there is no "midnight sun" because there is really no sun at all -- 3 hours in midday, but with the snow, it's hard to see.

The Devil's Elixir by Raymond Khoury. This looks like a real rip-roarer. Pure fun.


  1. These are all new to me. Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Ooo..I can't wait to see what you think of Glow! That sounds very interesting.

  3. Jessica Tuccelli sat on a panel at SIBA and there wasn't a dry eye in the room after she spoke. I bet Glow is an emotional book.

  4. Those look great, especially the Alaska one. I would definitely rather visit when it's sunny all night, but I hope you're having a good time!


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