Friday, October 7, 2011

Opening Sentence of the Day: Fish With What You Find

On another day it's a muskrat or a mink or a squirrel or a possum, or even once a feral pet ferret in Michigan's upper peninsula.
-- from "Roadkill and the Fly Tyer," the first chapter in Fish with What You Find by Jim Gilsdorf.

This is a collection of articles about fly fishing and fly tying. I do neither, but it still appeals to me, maybe because of the cool illustrations of the flies.

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  1. love the cover of this book ,all the best stu

  2. Hi Stu! I love the cover also. The author painted it, and drew the fly illustrations that start each chapter. There are a couple of black & white prints of his watercolor paintings, including the painting from which the cover image is cropped, sprinkled throughout.

  3. I like it. Funny how much reading about fishing I do, not being a fisher-person. (Though my husband is.) I guess Hemingway got me started. I like the DIY principle here.

  4. The cover (as has been mentioned) is also very cool! Although I've done a lot of fishing, I've never fly-fished before. My dad was a bait-the-hook kind of guy and that's what I learned.

    Here's my Friday memes:


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