Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Cool is This? Deck of Chords

Deck of Chords

My wonderful friend and Renaissance woman Kirsten Rian has once again amazed me with her versatile talents.

Kirsten and photographer Lauren Henkin just produced Deck of Chords, a full deck of offset-printed playing cards. Each card front features an image of Lauren's from an unpublished portfolio titled The Lines Between Us, and on the back, a poem by Kirsten. There are 52 cards in total plus a signed cover card.

The set is completed, the prototype printed, and the final product is expected in a few weeks. Until then, Kirsten and Lauren are offering a pre-sale price of $14, which includes shipping to anywhere in the US.  Order on Lauren's website.

After November 1st, the price will go up to $24. Please email Lauren for shipping costs outside the US.

All photos © Kirsten Rian and Lauren Henkin.

Deck of Chords

Deck of Chords

Deck of Chords

Deck of Chords


Christopher said...

These are awesome! What an amazingly cool concept! I'd love to have decks of Sappho, Parmenides, Keats, and Dickinson, or even Shakespeare's Sonnets...

Michael5000 said...

Hey, that looks like something MY friend Kirsten Rian would do. Don't tell Mrs.5000 that I just bought her a pack for Christmas....

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