Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. Halloween done my way, that is, which means nothing scary and nothing ugly. I like pretty, cute, and vintage Halloween -- jack-o-lanterns and little kids in funny costumes. 

Almost every year of my adulthood I've had a dinner party on Halloween for friends who don't live in trick-or-treater neighborhoods.  This tradition has survived through a practice husband, a house with my sister, five years in San Francisco, and two houses with my keeper husband. 

But not this year.  Work demands, including having to leave early the next morning for a work trip, have trimmed my usual shindig to almost nothing.  I have one good friend coming over to use our house for trick-or-treating base camp with her six year old.  But no dinner party.  I'm disappointed.

Good thing the Jazz Cats are excited about their costumes.


  1. The dinner party sounds like fun. Too bad work interferes this year. :(

  2. Have a happy Halloween anyway. Next year you can make up for this year's loss with a really big shindig. "Practice husband and keeper husband" always cracks me up. :D

  3. Yes, I'll try to plan ahead more next year. And I am going to enjoy this Halloween, even without a party. The weather is gorgeous here in Portland and my street is covered in gold leaves. It is beautiful.

  4. The Jazz Cats are awesome! That photo made my day :)


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