Monday, September 26, 2011

Mailbox Monday and Giveaway Winner

Thanks for joining me for Mailbox Monday! MM was created by Marcia at A girl and her books (fka The Printed Page), who graciously hosted it for a long, long time, before turning it into a touring meme (details here).

The wonderful Amused by Books is hosting in September. Please visit!
I got one book last week and am also announcing the winner of last week's giveaway.


Laurel-Rain Snow, the author of several delightful blogs, including Rainy Days and Mondays, as well as her own novels, won a copy of Real Women, Real Wisdom: A Journey into the Feminine Soul by Maureen Hovenkotter, author and editor.

This is a "leap-frog" giveaway, so LRS will also have the opportunity to host her own giveaway for another copy.  And, contrary to what I wrote in the giveaway post, these are final editions, not ARCs. 

THE BOOK: In Real Women Real Wisdom, 17 ordinary yet extraordinary women—most in their 50s and 60s—reflect on the challenges, mysteries and ultimately the triumphs in their lives. Their stories tell of the transformative experiences of loss, suffering, life-threatening illness, recovery, and forgiveness, as well as the quiet moments of reflection that have led to their personal encounters with the Divine. The journeys they share hold great wisdom, hope and inspiration for all who read about them. (Publisher's description.)

THE AUTHOR/EDITOR: Maureen Hovenkotter is one of the 17 authors of the book and the editor of the collection.  She has written about faith and spiritual matters for a number of publications, including The Oregonian, The National Catholic Reporter, St. Anthony Messenger and The Catholic Sentinel. In the fall of 2003, her husband of 33 years was killed in an accident. She wrote about that experience and the subsequent pilgrimage journey to discover herself in 42 States of Grace: A Woman’s Journey (reviewed by me here). She shares her reflections on life and spirituality in her blog, Travelin' with Charlie. The mother of two adult children and grandmother of one, she lives outside of Portland with her golden retriever, Charlie. She is currently enrolled in a formation program to become certified as a spiritual director.

THANKS: Thanks go to Maureen Hovenkotter and Grey Wing Press for providing two copies for this giveaway.


I got a copy of the darling Cakespy cookbook: Cakespy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life by Jessie Oleson. 

Oleson is the author of the irresistible CakeSpy blog and the book is chock full of recipes, photos, and Oleson's adorable illustrations. 

This has major Christmas gift potential.


  1. Wonderful mailbox. Real Women looks interesting to me. Have a great reading week.

    Come look at my haul this week!!

    Here is my post!

  2. Enjoy! your mailbox, Real Women looks good.

  3. I like the description of Real Women Real Stories. It sounds like a great discussion book.

    Also, I'm open to all things sugar filled so the cakesy book sounds delish!

  4. Oh my gosh, that book looks yummy!


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