Friday, June 24, 2011

Opening Sentence of the Day: Evening Class

There was a time back in 1970 when they would love filling in a questionnaire.

-- Evening Class by Maeve Binchy.

Every now and again I want to fall into a Maeve Binchy novel and live in it.  This mood usually strikes when I am hectic at work or otherwise am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Her novels are dense with details of interesting, but ordinary people overcoming difficulties.  They restore me. 


  1. I like Binchy's books. They are comfort food for my brain.

  2. I love Binchy's books - they really are a comfort! I remember Evening Class being very good.

  3. Bybee: "Comfort food for the brain" is the perfect description!

    Booksnyc: Yes, they relax me. Or,l I guess "refresh me" is better. They are perfect for when I'm feeling harried and harassed.


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