Friday, May 20, 2011

What's With the Skimpy Content?

There have been a lot of "Opening Sentence" posts here on Rose City Reader lately. 

My excuse is that I have been so hectic at work and with a landscaping redo at home that I haven't had time to review any books. I blame child abusers and poodle trees.

When I get crazy busy like this, I don't have the attention span for heavy books. I keep reading because it relaxes me, but I've been reading mysteries, chick lit, and other lighter stuff that I read for entertainment. I don't need anything thought-provoking right now -- the point is to let my brain calm down, not rev up!

So I am going through books very quickly, hence all the Opening Sentence posts, but not reviewing or otherwise posting with much substance.  Please bear with me for a while.


  1. Life certainly gets in the way of reading at times. When you are dealing with such a horrible issue at work, I don't know how you would do anything other than planting pretty things in your yard. That kind of thing is good for the soul at such times. We're still here when you get a chance to read and review.

  2. Thanks Barbara! I do like to turn off my brain after work sometimes, that's for sure. Usually it is with books, but lately it has been with plants. I'm just thankful for the blessings in my life and that I do not wrestle with the pain most of my clients have to deal with.

  3. My reading and blogging have been skimpy as well. Can't wait for this semester to end.

  4. We're all entitled to skimpy times and it's often not a bad idea to back off and do other things. Reading is supposed to be fun. I do thank you tho for letting us know what's happening so we don't think you've gone into permanent hibernation.


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