Sunday, May 1, 2011

Non-Bookish Stuff

My blogger silence the last couple of days is because I am under the gun to get out some invitations to my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebrations.  The whole family is going to Bavaria, where my father's family came from or still lives. 

Inspired by a collection of scrapbooking and card making books, I came up with these two invitations. One is for a formal dinner on the Friday night.  That will take place at the restaurant at Berggasthof Geiß, the mountain inn still owned by my dad's cousin.

The second is for an informal "grillfest" on the Saturday night.More of our Bavarian friends and relatives are coming that night, so the invitation is in German.  My sister, who is working as a chef at a fancy hotel outside of Munich, had to help me with this one.

It doesn't show in the scan, but the words of the invitation are the same green and blue as the front of the card. And, yes, that is my thumbnail in the scan. Oops.

As soon as I get the rest of the envelopes printed, I am hitting the books!


  1. Congratulations to your parents! Love the invitations, I made my sister's invitations for her wedding. Have a great time in Bavaria!

  2. Fantastic idea to have your parents' big day in Bavaria so all the family can share in the joy. I hope you have a great trip and everything goes well.

  3. Sharon: Thanks! I always like making party invitations. I wish the green color showed better -- that one is really pretty.

    Barbara: We are looking forward to the trip. My husband has meet most of the relatives, but hasn't been to Bavaria. So I am really looking forward to seeing it new with him.

  4. The invitations are great and the trip sounds fantastic! Congrats to your parents!

  5. Is it to be a large gathering?

    I know how difficult these things can be to arrange, especially the finer details.

    Last year was my in-laws 60th Anniversary and thank goodness they decided to keep it pretty low-key, although we were still shattered at the end of it all.

    Have a great trip, no doubt it will be emotional and memory packed, but have fun!!


  6. Alyce: Thanks for the good wishes!

    fiction-books: Luckily, my sister is there and speaks German, so she can handle the details. There will be 20 at the formal dinner on Friday and probably 50 at the casual party on Saturday.

    It will be fun, but probably very emotional for my parents especially. My dad is a big softy, so I suspect there will be lots of laughs and lots of happy tears.


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