Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bayerische Bücher

I am in love with Bavaria and all things Bavarian, right down to the Griebens in the Schmalz. My Grandpa Fritz came over to America in the 1930s, but we still have many relatives living in Bavaria, including my sister, who is working as a chef at a fancy hotel in Bad Wörishofen.

I'm working on my final plans for our upcoming vacation to beautiful Bavaria.  I've got housesitters lined up, the car rented, and hotels books, now it is time for the really fun stuff of planning activities and sights to see.

It will be my husband's first visit, and it ends with a big family reunion at the mountain inn my Dad's cousin still runs.  That's a lot of family time for Hubby, so I am planning the things he likes to do for the others days -- lots of alpine hikes, charming villages, and a couple of spa days.

So I have my books out today and am planning. I don't have as many travel guides to Bavaria as I thought I did.  These are the books I have, but suggestions would be welcome:

Bavaria by Rodney Bolt.  Mine is an outdated copy of this Cadogan guide, but I don't mind outdated. How much can a Baroque chapel or an Alp change in 10 years?

Karen Brown's Germany: Exceptional Places to Stay and Itineraries.  Brown's guides are always my first place to start when planning a trip, so I did this time too, even though only one of her itineraries covers Bavaria.  We are spending three nights at one of her recommended hotels.

Germany's Best-Loved Driving Tours, published by Frommer's.  Eight of the 25 tours are in Bavaria.  This one has given me several ideas.

Germany, an Eyewitness Travel Guide.  Another great source for what to see in the villages where we will be. I love all the pictures.  


  1. I love Germany. The Black Forest is just beautiful.

    Haben Sie einen guten Feiertag!
    (Hope that's right, it's been years since my secondary school German and I'm rusty!)

  2. Servus Du! Looks like you're doing pretty well with those books. I'd say you'll get lots of great recommendations from your family and friends there, too. I never got to Passau when I lived there. It looks amazing. Go there for me, will ya? Say hi to Tennison, gute Reise und viel Spaß (mit dem Schmalz auch)!

  3. So excited for you! It sounds like you have a wonderful plan already in place. Can't wait to see pictures. :-)

  4. Tiny Library: Vielen Dank! If that is right. I'm rusty too!

    Steve: We might drive through Passau on our way to the family reunion in Deggendorf. Passau is really pretty. I'll pass on your message to T. And I will eat LOTS of cake. And wurst. And even some Schmalz.

    Ali: Thanks! And thanks for dropping off the Mary Kay!


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