Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: With a Jug of Wine

I think most Americans would shudder at the thought of eating squid, although the meat is twice as sweet as lobster and as delicate as frogs' legs. Let me urge you to unshudder and take a chance on squids a l'Amoricaine.

--  With a Jug of Wine by Morrison Wood, "well known food columnist" -- it says so right on the cover.

Now that fried calamari is a pretty standard restaurant appetizer, I don't think squid causes the shudders Wood predicted when he wrote these words back in 1949.  However, the comparison to frogs' legs might raise some eyebrows now.

This is the second of the books I'm reading for the Foodie's Reading Challenge, hosted by Margot at Joyfully Retired.


  1. I think I'll still pass on the squid... and the frogs legs. Good teaser. Here's mine: http://readhanded.blogspot.com/2011/04/teaser-tuesdays.html

  2. Too funny. I like squid and have eaten frogs' legs too.

  3. What a wonderful teaser! I will check it out. Every week my tbr pile keep getting longer!

    Here is my Teaser Tuesday: The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie post!

  4. Forget the squid! But, a nice teaser.

  5. What a wonderful teaser! I've eaten both squid and frogs' legs, and the thought of either experience still makes me shudder!

  6. Hi Gilion,

    What great teaser lines, has to be the ones that made me smile most this week.

    Frog's legs taste a lot like chicken, with the only reason that I tend to give them a wide berth if they are on the restaurant menu, being that there is very little meat on them, for the amount of mess you get into eating them.

    Calamari (squid), is lovely if it is very fresh and cooked quickly, otherwise it can be a bit like chewing old rubber!!!



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