Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review of the Day: Shipwrecks, Monsters, and Mysteries of the Great Lakes

Shipwrecks, Monsters, and Mysteries of the Great Lakes by Ed Butts.

This is a short book with 10 stories of Great Lakes adventures, including monsters sighted on these inland seas and a sampling of the 6,000 or so ships lost on the Great Lakes since the Griffon disappeared in 1679.

It is a quick and interesting read for adults.  It would be a great book to read with kids ready to learn history. All the adventures and mysteries would make learning about inter-coastal commerce, industrial development, and navigable waterways much more interesting.


If you would like your review of this book listed here, please leave a comment with a link and I will add it.


I got this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program.  I am making good progress on my list, but still have a few to go.


  1. I saw this reviewed recently and thought it looked good. It's already on my wish list. Thanks for the review, it reinforces my desire to read it!

  2. Looks good, especially for school children in the Great Lakes are studying local and regional history.

  3. Sharon: It was a quick and entertaining book about a subject I don't read much about. SO I enjoyed it a lot.

    SS: It would be great as a school project, for sure.


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