Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, George Washington!

The story of Washington chopping down the cherry tree loomed large in my childhood, but I never think of it as an adult. It took me a minute to think why a hatchet symbolizes George Washington.


  1. ROFL
    Oh, dear. It just goes to show where my priorities are. I didn't even realize it was the celebration of Washington's birthday. I was too busy celebrating Mr. Rickman's birthday. *blushes*

  2. Birdie: I'll raise a birthday toast to Alan Rickman as well, even though his isn't a national holiday.

  3. heheheh well, if I had my way, Alan Rickman day would at LEAST be a national holiday in Britain if not over here as well.

    Still, it's good to have multiple celebrations. Cheers to the first Pres.


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