Saturday, January 1, 2011

Opening Sentence of the Day: Strangers and Brothers

The fire in our habitual public-house spurted and fell.

-- Strangers and Brothers by C. P. Snow.

Better than the first sentence is the name of the chapter: "Firelight on a Silver Cigarette Case."

This is the first book in Snow's 11-volume "Strangers and Brother's" series.  This volume is now published under the title George Passant, but I have an older edition with the Strangers and Brothers title.


  1. I have never read C.P.Snow, but I have been eying some volumes at the library used bookshop where I volunteer; your post has intrigued me enough that I will pull one of those bolumes when the shop is next open :)

  2. Takes me back... We collected the whole set when we were newly married and read them together. I love them--haunting, memorable, evocative...


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