Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Jazz Cats Are Here!

I've ignored the blog this weekend to celebrate the arrival of Billie and Ella, The Jazz Cats. We picked them up yesterday from the Oregon Humane Society. Both are eight or nine weeks old and still very little.

Unlike an earlier joke, these kittens are real. And they are adorable. I promise that I won't devote this blog to pictures of cute kittens, but, really, they are cute.


So far, Billie is oddly docile. We can pick her up, hold her, or put her anywhere and she just sits there. She finally wandered around to get something to eat and drink, but she doesn't play or talk. She hisses at Ella, but doesn't run away or swat. She's healthy, so maybe she is just getting used to her new home. Or she is just odd.


Ella is a bundle of kitten love. If she is awake, she is purring. She already knows her name and follows us around everywhere. She wants to be right next to one of us at all times. In fact, right now, she is sitting on the back of my neck while I hunch over like a crone. If I try to put her on my lap so I can sit up, she climbs on the laptop and types.


  1. They are adorable! Has Ella tried to catch the cursor yet?

  2. Not yet. She's still busy sniffing the screen.

  3. Do I ever comment about books? Of course not, but the cats bring me out to play! Congrats!

  4. Oh, but they are just adorable. I am crazy about cats; I have three of the furry creatures. Your kittens will be such fun.

    pboylecharley AT hotmail DOT com

  5. You picked some great cats! Our two boys couldn't be more different in their personalities either. They were that way when we got them from the Humane Society and haven't changed in seven years.

  6. They are gorgeous. I am very envious.

  7. They are adorable - I bet Billie is just making her adjustment to all the changes that have happened to her lately.

  8. Laura -- Cats can be more worthy of comment than books on many days.

    Charleydog - Thanks for visiting. I like your cat picture.

    Kristen -- I hope these two learn to get along. Billie is much livelier today than she was all weekend, but she still hisses at Ella.

    Vivienne -- There is nothing cuter than a little fuzzy kitten.

    Bermuda -- I hope Billie adjusts. She really did liven up. Now I just hope she lightens up. :)

  9. They are adorable! The more photos the better, in my opinion! Billie is probably taking time to adjust. Hopefully, once she realizes she's with you to stay and in a loving home she'll relax a bit. Ella sounds like a loving kitten. A kitten's purr is one of my favorite sounds!

    Enjoy them!
    ~ Amy

  10. OMG but they are sooooo cute. You must include some photos at least once in a while. Sob now I want kittens. We had cats for years, but are petless at the moment.

  11. I know they are supposed to be healthy, but keep a close eye on little Billie, just in case. Being so quiet doesn't seem normal, but maybe she is just shy (and Ella is grabbing all the attention?).

    You can post kitten pics anytime! I am all gooey from these being so sweet.

  12. Oh they're just adorable. You must continue to post photos (at least occasionally).

  13. I can't believe I was a mere floor away from adorable kittens tonight and didn't have time to peek at them!


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