Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Opening Sentence of the Day: The Truth About Obamacare

On Tuesday, March 23, 2010, surrounded by flashing cameras and cheering fans, Barack Obama signed into law a bill that will lead to the largest expansion of government in the history of the United States.

-- The Truth About Obamacare by Sally C. Pipes.

Good, bad, or otherwise, that's probably an accurate statement. Let's see what Ms. Pipes has to say . . .


  1. Three awards are waiting for you at my place:

  2. Bev -- Thanks! I'll come over just as soon as I get this Motion to Compel filed.

  3. Ooh, political current events! The third rail of book blogging!

    I've noticed that whenever the phase "what they don't want you to know" is used (as in the subtitle of the book you are looking at here) it is almost invariably the case that "they" have been going to great lengths to interest you in the subject without much success.

    The "largest expansion of government in the history of the United States" is a pretty vague claim, but I'm going to bet that the 2010 Health Care Bill falls somewhat short, in various measures, of the Northwest Ordinance, the Constitution, the establishment of the Navy, the establishment of an independent Air Force, the creation of the Social Security System, Medicare, Marbury v. Madison, and the cobbling together of Homeland Security, among many other landmarks, in embiggening the Federal Government.

  4. Michael -- The "third rail of book blogging" is brilliant. I sometimes read political books and seldom read current event books. But I like and admire Sally Pipes and am always willing to read what she has to say. So I'll risk the voltage. :)


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