Monday, September 6, 2010

Mailbox Labor Day

I went on a little holiday weekend excursion to Second Glance Books, where I can always find books on my list and have a nice chat with Rachelle, my favorite book seller. As always, she sent me a way with a nice stack of books for Mailbox Monday, hosted this month by the prolific Bermuda Onion:

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers (because I started the Lord Peter Wimsey series and now want to read them all).

Spies by Michael Frayn (because I read about it in Nick Hornby's Housekeeping vs. The Dirt and it sounds great).

Human Voices by Penelope Fitzgerald (because I am working on her bibliography).

Felicia's Journey by William Trevor (because it won the Costa Book of the Year award in 1994).

Seek My Face by John Updike (because he's a favorite).

Bech at Bay by John Updike (because Updike is a favorite and I have the other two in this trilogy already, Bech and Bech is Back).

Then and Now by Somerset Maugham (because I'm on a Mauagham jag, having just finished The Razor's Edge and working my way through the short stories).

The Girl at the Lion d'Or by Sebastian Faulks (which I got at my neighbors' garage sale because I really enjoyed his newest book, A Week in December).


  1. These titles are all new to me. They do all look interesting. I hope you enjoy them all!

  2. What a fun holiday weekend excursion! The Girl at the Lion D'Or catches my eye.

  3. That looks like a very good haul. I've only read the Sayers one. I've read Updike's Rabbit books,Couples and his early short stories. Haven't read that particular Maugham.

    I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on with them all.

  4. I love Somerset Maugham too. Haven't read Then and Now, but it is sitting on my shelf collecting dust!

  5. Enjoy all your new books. They are all new to me as well.

  6. Beth -- Thanks! I always want to read the new ones first, but there are plenty of books already on my TBR shelf.

    Bermuda -- I'm a new Faulks fan, and this one looks very good. Thanks for hosting this month.

    Katrina -- I started with Updike's Rabbit books and liked them so much, I have been reading more and more. Funny, Couples was the one I read first after Rabbit.

    Gwen -- There are so many Mauagham book I have never heard of. I saw this and bought it, but it was completely new to me.

    Jennifer -- Thanks! And thanks for stopping by. I need to go on a round of visits.

  7. Wow, a terrific group of books. Enjoy!

  8. Looks like a great list. Enjoy!


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