Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: Clown Girl

"One-Night Stan's ice-cream truck, the neighborhood drug mobile, still played nearby. Drugs, ice-cream, balloon toys and prayer -- these are the things you sell when there's nothing else left."

--  Clown Girl by Monica Drake (published by Hawthorne Books & Literary Arts)
As of right now, this one could go either way for me. I may love it, or I may curse the day it came into my house. I'll know in another 180 pages. 
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  1. Well, that's an interesting thought. Don't know about the other stuff, but I could go for ice cream whether or not there's anything else left. Hope you do enjoy the book. Great teaser!

  2. Nice teaser (and I do hope you end up liking it)!

  3. Well, I'll want to know which way it goes because the teaser is intriguing.

    My teaser is here.

  4. Interesting teaser, sounds like an unusual book! Mine's here.

  5. Interesting teaser! And what a strange cover. My teaser is from Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur. Happy reading!

  6. Joy -- Yes, I don't know if I agree with the comment, but it certainly teased my brain!

    Julie -- I do too. I just can't tell at this point if it is going to end happily or end in tears. I prefer happy endings.

    LKT -- It's an intriguing book, for sure. But see above: happy or sad? I still don't know. Thanks for leaving your link.

    Kelly -- Yes, unusual. It is extremely well-written. But odd. Thanks for the link.

    Kathy -- I don't like the cover because I don't like anything about rubber chickens. But the heroine is a clown, and she lost her rubber chicken, so the cover makes sense. It is certainly eye catching.

  7. Intriguing teaser- I hope you enjoy the book.
    My teaser is also a little odd. The book is narrated by Death. You can find it at:

  8. Hannah -- I just went and visited your post to see what book you are reading. :)

  9. Hello, I have an award for you! Stop by and pick it up here: http://bibliophiliac-bibliophiliac.blogspot.com

  10. bibliophiliac -- thanks! I'll come over.

  11. I'll be interested to hear if you love or hate it!



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