Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday: The Well and the Mine

"Jack had gotten me thinking about why we didn't ever see fairies in the woods.  I figured something ate them."

-- The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips (Discover Award winner; introduction by Fannie Flagg; published by the super cool Hawthorne Books & Literary Arts).
This is an excellent book. It's a great story, rips right along, includes all the life-lessons of a Hallmark made-for-tv movie, but has none of the schmaltz.  Unless it falls off dramatically in the last third, this has all the makings of a new classic -- perfect for a high school English class.

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  1. That teaser is delightfully nasty, the kind of line I wish I'd written somewhere.


    P.S. My teaser is here:


  2. GREAT teaser line! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sun -- That line made me laugh. It was unexpected, but seemed like something a little kid would think. Thanks for the link.

    Michelle -- Tess may be the best kid narrator since Scout. This book may just be that good.

  4. LOVE IT! I have that book at home nad keep suggestingit to my book club to force it to the top of my TBR list. Thanks for helping it gain a few notches!

  5. Carin -- It would make a great book club book. I am thinking of suggesting it to my group.

  6. LOVE IT! I'm imagining a child coming up with a comment like that.

    Here's my teaser for this week.

  7. LOL! As we say around my place (in an attempt to mimic my friend's son when he was a young boy): "I like-a daf one!"

  8. love The Well and The Mine. my book club loved it as well -- I selected last year for my month.

    Here's mine

    plus a video of the hunt for the perfect photo for the book's cover -- fun!

  9. That's a great teaser! It does make you want to pick up the book and discover more about this person.

    Meanwhile, my own teaser is at Bookishgal.

  10. Thanks for all the visits and the links. i was in court all day, so as soon as I relax a little, I'll go on a round of visits.

  11. Someone's eating fairies? Uhoh. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  12. I read this book a while ago (July 2008) and just loved it. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars. I still remember the characters.

    I gave my copy away to a friend, but would love to re-read this one some day. So glad to hear you're enjoying it.


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