Saturday, February 20, 2010

Opening Sentence of the Day: Portland Noir

"I wonder how people think of Portland from the outside."

-- From the Introduction to Portland Noir, edited by Kevin Sampsell.

This is part of the Akashic Books Noir series, "a groundbreaking series of original noir anthologies. Each book is comprised of all-new stories, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book."

This one has been languishing on my Guilt List for too long! I started it yesterday and am now entranced by these moody, sometimes creepy, stories set in my own city.


  1. I read a few noir mysteries that were horrifying, creepy, yet engrossing. I loved most of them.

    I have a prize for you over at my blog. Award

  2. My city too. I think I'd better look out for this one.

  3. BD -- Thanks! I'll come over. What a sweetie!

    Sheila -- Thanks for visiting! It is weird reading creepy noir stories set in places you know. But noir is supposed to be a little weird.

  4. I have been trying to find a cheap used copy of this for ages (I can't afford to pay retail). Dan DeWeese is in there--I used to work for him, and I also took a class with him.


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