Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The February edition of the Internet Review of Books is live now. It looks like an amazing edition, packed with lots of great reviews. I am very pleased that my review of Eden Springs is in the Brief Review section.

My second announcement is not all that exciting, except for me because I have been meaning to get around to this task for a long time. I finally updated my post on the Modern Library's Top 100 Books of the 20th Century list.

Completing all the books on that list was one of the things that inspired me to start this blog.  But that also meant that it was one of the very first posts I put up and, looking back at it, it was very difficult to read. The layout was bad. And it did not include links to my reviews, which I have now added.

Thanks goes to 100 Books/100 Journeys for getting me interested in the Modern Library list again. She has a great blog dedicated to reading the books on this list. (Although I worry that she may be disappointed when she comes to appreciate that there are 121 books on this list -- but "121 Books/121 Journeys" just does not have the same ring to it).

If anyone else is reading the books on the Modern Library list, please leave a comment on the main post with a link to your progress report (or your blog if is it dedicated to the list) and I will add it.


  1. I agree with you about the 121 thing. :) Although I was pleased to see that my local Barnes and Noble has three of the Dance to the Music of Time volumes there waiting for me. :) That series will probably take a year or so on its own.

    Thanks for the mention! And congrats on your review being published in IRofB.

  2. SocrMom -- I hope you enjoy Dance as much as I did. It was my favorite. And it counts for 12 of the 121!

    Thanks about the IRB.

  3. I thought of your British version of the Battle of the Prizes logo last night when the Scottie dog won at Westminster!!!

    Yes I hope I will enjoy it as well. From everything I have read it sounds fabulous!

  4. SocrMom -- Scottie dog! Yeah!

    Dance is my desert island book. Kind of cheating, since it is really 12, but it ML can list it as one, I can too. You have to get used to his long sentences with lots of commas, but once you ease into it, it flows along with this great story of the characters' interconnected lives. I'll definitely read it again.

  5. It is my ongoing, lifelong goal to read the ML's 100 Fiction list. Well, not the list itself, obviously, but the books on it. ;) I'm not very dedicated to the pursuit though, because there is so much else to read! I often feel like that man in the Twilight Zone episode--Time Enough At Last, who only wishes for enough time to read as much as he wants.

  6. Baley -- that is my dream too! I like to think that when I am retired, I'll read as much as I want, but that's a long way off. I have to make due until then.

    Good luck with the books on this list.


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