Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: The Fire

"Solarin gripped his little daughter's mittened hand firmly in his own."

-- The Fire by Katherine Neville

 Neville wrote the precursor to this book, The Eight, in 1988. I haven't read that one, but this is supposed to be OK as a stand alone. It is also being heralded as the next Da Vinci Code, which gives me mixed feelings.


  1. I've read both and I'd probably skip reading this and read The Eight.

  2. Was the Da Vinci Code comparison supposed to be a compliment? :-)

  3. That's actually a fairly awkward first sentence. Or is it just me? Something about it feels a little off...

  4. Melissa -- I think I would have enjoyed The Eight better, but now that I read this, I don't want to try.

    J.G. -- That's why I had mixed feelings. Now that I've finished this one, I'd say it compares poorly to Da Vinci Code. At least that one is exciting. Silly fluff. But exciting fluff.

    Biblio -- The writing doesn't get any better. It isn't horrible. But it never rises above serviceable.


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