Sunday, December 27, 2009

Opening Sentence of the Day: Blue River

"On a Sunday morning in the June of my thirty-first year I open the front door of our house looking for the newspaper and find a man standing out there: stoop-shouldered, bent, blotched-skinned, his hair and beard tangled, staring with the big, wet eyes of an animal."

-- Blue River by Ethan Canin.

This is Canin's first novel and second book after his acclaimed collection of short stories, Emperor of the AirI enjoyed his more recent novel, America, America, but this one is not doing anything for me. I can't seem to engage with it.

This is my my "blue" choice for the Colorful Reading Challenge. Once I finish this, I will have completed the challenge. Woo hoo!


  1. Congrats on making it through a challenge! What a feat. The opening sentence of this one has me intrigued...


  2. Sorry it's not working for you. I'll stay tuned to see if you make it through. I've never read Ethan Canin but he seems like the kind of writer I should be reading, or at least try.

  3. His skin was tangled, too? Uh, pass.

    (Sorry, feeling a bit snarky today.)

    Enjoy the home stretch on the Colorful Reading Challenge. That was a good one!

  4. JG -- you caught MY typo. I fixed it now. It's his hair and BEARD that were tangled. OOPS.


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