Friday, December 18, 2009

Author of the Day: Jack Ohman

A week that included Christmas shopping with a friend for her fisherman husband, reading Erica Jong, and some seasonally-induced nostalgia for my own brief time spent as a copy aide at The Oregonian inspired me to add Jack Ohman to my list of favorite authors.

Ohman is the in-house political cartoonist for The Oregonian. His cartoons are syndicated in hundreds of newspapers and magazines.  He has also published several books -- themed collections of fly fishing and golf cartoons, and compilations of his political cartoons.  His latest book, Angler Management, is a book of essays on fly fishing and includes more than 50 original cartoons.

Those I own and have read are in red. 

Angler Management: The Day I Died While Fly Fishing and Other Essays (reviewed here)

An Inconvenient Trout

Get the Net: The Crazed Fly Fisherman's Catalog

Do I Have to Draw You a Picture

Media Mania: A Collection of Mixed Media Cartoons

Fishing Bass-Ackwards: Coming Down the Pike With Off-The-Walleye Humor

Why Johnny Can't Putt . . .

Fear of Fly-Fishing (my favorite title)

Drawing Conclusions: A Collection of Political Cartoons

Back to the '80s

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