Monday, August 3, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Quality beat out quantity last week, with only two books making it to my Mailbox Monday list. But both additions are pretty exciting, at least in a book-geeky sort of way. The first is the latest from Powell's IndieSpensible program: A signed, first edition ofInto the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea. This one is a shot in the dark for me, because I had not heard of this author. The novel is about a 19-year-old girl from a remote Mexican village who heads for America with friends in order to bring back her father and some other men to repopulate the village and protect it from banditos. Sounds great! As always, the IndieSpensible box packed a few other goodies. There was an "author's card" from Jessica Anthony, author of The Convalescent. Think oversized, hipster trading card, signed by the featured author. There was a beautifully hand-bound edition of a Portland lit journal called Poor Claudia, signed by all the contributing poets. Is there some kind of conspiracy to get me to read poetry? And, finally, there was a Powell's Books pint glass. Alcohol may help my poetry comprehension. I am even more excited by the second book: Plum Sauce: A P. G. Wodehouse Companion by Richard Usborne. I've had my eye on this for quite a while and finally had Broadway Books special order it for me, using some of my contest winnings from Reading Local. Book Psmith is going to want a copy of this one!


  1. I have this for sure. It has been indispensable in keeping editions and titles straight as well as a way for me to know which books I want to read. What I like most is the list of 92 fiction books he wrote. The lists that I found on the internet were often confusing or incomplete. Isn't it just an aesthetically pleasing book?

  2. I love Mailbox Monday!

    I would love to make some poetry recommendations for you, if you are interested. Have you considered maybe just starting with reading one poem a day? I have many thoughts on this, as I remember how I felt about poetry before I started reading it.

  3. Psmith -- Yes, the Wodehouse book is yummy! I saw the list of books when I was flipping through it and want to go back to it right away. I sense a new RCR list in the works!

    Rachelle -- You are so sweet! I occasionally get into a One Poem a Day mode, but on top of my One Short Story a Day and One Chapter of the Bible a Day, I find myself never getting out of bed in the morning as I try to finish these tasks!

  4. Great selection! My mailbox is here.

  5. I went to Luis Urrea's reading at Powell's a while back, and really enjoyed Into the Beautiful North. For a shot in the dark, I'd say you hit the target admirably.

  6. I also have Into the Beautiful North for review as well.

    happy reading.


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