Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review of the Day: Death by the Glass

Death by the Glass is the second of Nadia Gordon's Sonny McCoskey mysteries. Sonny is the chef owner of a fancy lunch restaurant in Napa Valley, and an avid amateur sleuth with a grab bag of colorful friends.

Sharpshooter, the first book in what hopefully will be a longer series, involves grape growers and wine makers. This one involves Napa Valley restaurateurs. Both are like a cross between Sex and the City and Nancy Drew, with a big dollop of Kitchen Confidential mixed in. They are a little thin on plot, but thoroughly enjoyable, and the offbeat setting makes them definitely worth reading.


  1. A cross between Sex and the City and Nancy Drew sounds awfully appealing to me!

  2. I've now read three in the series and I love them.


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