Thursday, May 7, 2009

Favorite Authors

Over in the right-hand column, you will see that I added a new feature -- a list of my favorite authors. The idea is to list all the authors whose works I plan to read in their entirety, eventually. Each name links to a post with either a complete bibliography, a list of novels, or at least a particular series that I am working on. So far, the list includes: Cara Black James Lee Burke Lee Child Penelope Fitzgerald Richard Ford Jim Harrison John Lescroart Martin Cruz Smith Julia Spencer-Fleming William Styron Anne Tyler John Updike Simon Winchester Right now, the list is heavy on mystery writers because if I like a particular book in a series, I want to read the entire series. But there are many authors I have to add, including Anthony Powell, Iris Murdoch, Vladimir Nabokov, P.G. Wodehouse, Philip Roth. It it going to be a long list. Like with my award winners and Must Read lists, if anyone is working on reading the entire bibliography of a particular author on my list, please leave a comment on that author's post with a link to your progress report, and I will add the link to my post.


  1. I've started something like this on my blog, too, but I haven't tended to it lately. I must get back to that. Thanks for the reminder! I don't know why, but Styron is on my mental list, too. :-)


  2. Fitzgerald's name is one that I have been seeing a lot of lately. I'll have to check her out. A lot of these authors are new to me. I love hearing Winchester interviewed but for some reason have never been able to finish any of his books. I have the same reaction when I find an author I love, I want to read everything they wrote. This has proven to be a problem this year with all the challenges I joined. Finishing all my lists has kind of taken the spontenaity out of my reading (on the other hand, I have finally started reading a lot of the books that I have put off for years). It is another reason I signed up for the smackdown. Once I started reading Malamud, I didn't want to stop but couldn't work it into my other challenges. Now I get to read two of his books before the summer is up:)

  3. I highly recommend the books of Irish Murdoch for your read in order of publication project. I spent a semester in college reading all of her books from the first to the most recent at the time & it was an amazing way to experience a truly wonderful writer's progression.

    If I only had to pick one or two of hers to read, though, I'd read A Severed Head (so delicious) & The Sea, The Sea.


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