Saturday, April 4, 2009

Links of Lists

As I find and visit so many wonderful book blogs, I see that many other bibliophiles share my compulsion to follow a "Must Read" book list. I would love to know which of you have adopted any of the lists that I have featured here. Please take a look at the list of lists below (or over in the right-hand column). If you are working on any of these lists and have written about the list or your progress, I am happy to link your post. Just leave a comment here or on my post for the particular list.

The Lists

I know that some of these overlap with challenges, Lists of Bests, etc., but I would still like to know which of my blogging friends follows which list. Happy reading!


  1. I saw your comment on Bermuda Onion's blog and figured you had to be a Portland person. (My daughter and her family live there.) I love lists, too, but I think you beat anything I've seen. I've just spent the last half hour going through most of your book list. What great fun. I like the idea of working your way through some of these published lists. I'll be back to visit some more.

  2. Bookers and Orange Prize winners for me, National Book Award fiction winners and finalists for C.S. (But you already knew that!)

    Have you seen this awards wiki?

  3. Margot -- Thanks for visiting! Let me know if you officially adopt any of these lists and I'll add your link. I enjoyed your blog as well.

    JG -- I'll add your links to my lists. But you remind me that I have many more lists to add! I have close to 100 book lists I follow on Lists of Bests, but I am only slowly moving them over to this blog.

    And thanks for the wiki link -- I'll go there right now.

  4. I've added the College Board list to my site here and I'm similarly working on Pulitzers and Pulitzers and Nobels.

    I also have a list for Booker Winners but I'm not going to read my way through those until I"ve made a dent in the other lists! All of my other lists can be perused on my reading lists page.

  5. Thanks Rebecca! I'll add your links!

  6. I am another list lover but we don't have any overlap - yet! I have posted Orange Prize lists, the Guardian 1000 list and I have a few more in mind. Thank you for the French Connection list in particular. I hadn't seen it before but I am very taken by it and may have to add it to my collection.

  7. I love that you love lists. I am a list lover, too, and have tons of books lists on my computer.


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