Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cookbook Library: The Amish Cook at Home

So I admit, my initial reaction to seeing The Amish Cook at Home was the culturally insensitive question, “Where else would they cook?” It’s not like there is an Amish restaurant on every corner. The introduction clarified that this is not a book about the Amish people cooking, it is a book featuring the recipes of one particular Amish cook, Lovina Eicher, who writes a newspaper column called The Amish Cook. Ahhhh . . . now I get it.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, which I read cover to cover. I liked the whole idea of the seasonal cooking (sort of like Animal, Vegetable, Miracle but without the lecturing), the stories about the family and their traditions are interesting, and the pictures are absolutely beautiful.

But the recipes themselves were a little disappointing. They may be authentic, but they are pretty pedestrian – the standard Midwest recipes you find in every church auxiliary cookbook. Now, that is not necessarily a bad thing. I also have The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook – as well as a dozen church auxiliary cookbooks – that I turn to often for recipes I remember from my Nebraska childhood. But the Beverly Lewis book does not oversell itself. The Amish Cook, on the other hand, is over-sized and all fancy like a coffee table book, with glossy pages and evocative, soft-filter pictures.

The clash between the slick packaging and everyday recipes like pea and ham salad with Miracle Whip was too jarring for me – like seeing a beautiful bride wearing Nikes with her wedding dress.


  1. I was really interested until you said the recipes were disappointing.

  2. I just popped in for a tmi moment. I do not like miracle whip. it's like flavored mayo to me. Yuck. Okay, done sharing. :-)

  3. I am psychologically allergic to mayonaise in any form -- including Miracle Whip, in a jar, homemade, aioli, whatever -- used in any fashion. Far, far too many recipes in this book included mayonaise.

  4. This book was a Christmas present and is so-o-o much more than a cook book. It is a look into the life of an actual Amish family and the photos are wonderful. This was a comfort to read, especially with all the turmoil going on in the economy.

    Long time reader

  5. The Amish cook deliciously. Would love to have this cookbook.

  6. Tea: It has some very good recipes in it, along traditional lines. And the things I didn't care for -- like using margarine instead of butter -- are easily fixed.

  7. Loved the book! Not only were there great recipes but you also learned so much from the book. Lovina has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are right there enjoying the time with her. A great learning experience when you read the books and find out so many things that you didn't know about the Amish. Read and enjoy.

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