Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Reading Resolutions

Who am I kidding? I never adopt New year's resolutions of any kind. Well, other than my standard set: eat less; drink less; swear less; be kinder to old people, children, and animals; and keep my room clean. But real resolution-type resolutions? Never. And I am compulsive enough about my books and reading that I do not need to add any additional rules. That is the same reason I avoid Book Challenges. But I do have one little idea tickling my brain. I want to keep track of the first lines of the books I read. Sara Nelson did that when working on her So Many Books, So Little Time project and the result was a particularly entertaining chapter in her book where she compiled some of her favorites. So I am going to start doing that. This is not a resolution, it's just an idea. For one thing, I am going to intentionally limit it to paper books and not try to keep track of first sentences in audio books. And if I do not remember to write down every first sentence, so be it. No obligation. Here's to another year of happy reading!

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