Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cookbook Library: Creme de Colorado and Greens

Following the phenomenal success of my "no carb left behind" holiday campaign, I have been combing my cookbook collection for low-carb recipes to undo some of the damage. My favorite Junior League and vintage cookbooks are generally pretty starch-centric. But there are options. So far, I have found a couple of great recipes that are destined to be standards in my kitchen. One is Best Ever Brisket from the Creme de Colorado Junior League cookbook; another is Warm Red Cabbage Salad from The Greens Cookbook. My plan is to post those recipes here. But I will have to wait and do an update late -- both books went into a box this weekend in preparation for moving house.


  1. Today I ordered "Cooking Up a Storm" from Amazon .. a collection of recipes highlighted over the years in the cooking section of The Times Picayune in New Orleans. I can't wait to get it and peruse all the recipes! Apparently recipes were one of the biggest sentimental losses after Hurricane Katrina and people wrote in asking for reprints of the recipes they had cut out over the years. Love it!

  2. What's this move of which you speak?

    My husband is a cookbookaholic. The weirder the better and I confess that I encourage his habit at times and even partake. I've been perusing the I Hate to Cook Book lately. It's big on bread crumbs and sherry and cream of anything soup.

    We have a family cookbook and everyone has their own copy in a spiral notebook. We type up our favorite recipes and the stories that go with them.

  3. T -- I saw the story about that New Orleans cookbook in Food Day this week. It looks great! How about a guest review after you dabble with it for a while?

    L -- I only aspire to have the family cookbook you describe. My sis and I have long planned one, but never execute. Must get chopping! (So to speak.)

    Even though I am nuts for kitchy mid-century cookbooks, especially those with an Oregon tie, I do not have Bracken's book. I must remedy that soon. I keep trying to come up with a healthier option to canned cream-of soup, but in the end I face the reality that Cambell's canned cream of mushroom soup IS "the casserole maker."

    Oh, and we are moving all the way to 26th Ave., in a move so bedraggled and extenuated that I think a team of kindergardeners loading little red wagons could do a better job.

  4. We moved a year ago from 3 blocks away and our little red wagon came in handy. Our extended family paraded down the street with a BBQ, a wheelbarrow full of garden gunk and the wagon loaded with tools.

    Kitschy mid-century!?? We have in our very possession the tackiest tripe that ever touted a recipe. I bought it for my husband as a stocking stuffer, but I was so excited I handed it to him in October. I can't decide if my favorite recipe is a terrapin dish that calls for a jigger of sherry or the one that measures olive oil in jiggers.


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