Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Lists II: Books I Recommend Giving

Lots of books end up under my Christmas tree. This is list of books I think would make good gifts this year (not that anyone on my list is necessarily going to get them, just in case knowing eyes are reading this): At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries by Estelle Ellis (for bibliophiles in general and especially those building or fantasising about a home library); Citadel of the Spirit: Oregon's Sesquicentennial Anthology, edited by Matt Love (a collection of essays celebrating 150 years of the Beaver State; for Oregonians in fact or spirit); The House of Mondavi by Julia Flynn Siler (history of America's foremost wine dynasty; for wine drinking business types, especially those keen on Napa Valley); Love Among the Chickens by P.G. Wodehouse (his first novel; an ideal introduction for Wodehouse newbies, but also good for fans because, not being part of one of his popular series, it is unlikely they've read this one); The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World* by Guillaume de Laubier (pure biblio-porn; for those less interested in the practicalities of "living with" books); Nothing to Lose by Lee Child (the latest in the Jack Reacher series; for all the Reacher Creatures on your list); and The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon (my favorite read of 2008; for anyone who loves a well-written, totally engrossing yarn). * I particularly like this book because one of the libraries featured (including the picture on the back cover) is in the school in Metten, Bavaria where my cousins attended.


Rebecca Reid said...

Oh I love libraries and *someday* I want to have space for my own personal, my room, my space, my own, *my* library. Sigh. Oh that book sounds like fun.

(Can you tell I'm still in the living-in-an-apartment stage of life!?)

Rose City Reader said...

My sister gave me both of those library books for my birthday and I love them both. Like you, I am dreaming of my own home library -- I organize the shelves in my head!

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