Saturday, December 6, 2008

Book Notes: Light in August

I enjoyed Light in August much more than As I Lay Dying and The Sound and the Fury, both which I had read in college. I did not know if that is because Light in August is the more accessible of these three Faulkner novels, or if I am just a better reader than I was 20 years ago. So I reread The Sound and the Fury this year (see here) to make an adult comparison. It is a masterpiece, that's for sure. But my personal preference is still for Light in August.


  1. I'm listening to The Sound And The Fury now. I'm about halfway through. And I have Light in August waiting to be picked up at the library. I'm happy to see that I'm not supposed to understand Sound/Fury until the end. I suspected that, so I've just been going with the flow to see what I think at the end. I have a feeling I will not be disappointed.

    And I'm glad I won't have to think quite so hard about August. :-) Thanks for the reviews!


  2. Funny, I don't remember enjoying Light in August very much. Mind you it's been many years so I've forgotten a lot. But I never forgot a word of As I Lay Dying, which I thought was stunning. lol Maybe because I was young. I should try both of them again. Thanks for reminding me.


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