Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Author of the Day: John Updike

John Updike was prolific. In addition to the 26 novels listed below, he wrote at least 30 books of short stories, poetry, essays, and criticism. He won the Pulitzer Prize twice and the National Book Award twice, and in 2008, the editors of Literary Review magazine awarded him the dubious honor of Britain's Bad Sex in Fiction lifetime achievement award.

Having read several of Updike's novels, I can understand the impetus for that last award. A lot of what I know and think about sex came from Updike, but sometimes he can be just too much.

In chronological order, with those I have read in red, and those on my TBR shelf in blue, Updike's novels are:

(1959) The Poorhouse Fair

(1960) Rabbit, Run

(1963) The Centaur (reviewed here)

(1965) Of the Farm

(1968) Couples

(1970) Bech, a Book (reviewed here)

(1971) Rabbit Redux

(1975) A Month of Sundays (reviewed here)

(1977) Marry Me

(1978) The Coup

(1981) Rabbit Is Rich

(1982) Bech Is Back

(1984) The Witches of Eastwick

(1986) Roger's Version

(1988) S.

(1990) Rabbit At Rest

(1992) Memories of the Ford Administration

(1994) Brazil

(1996) In the Beauty of the Lilies

(1997) Toward the End of Time

(1998) Bech at Bay

(2000) Gertrude and Claudius

(2002) Seek My Face

(2004) Villages

(2006) Terrorist

(2008) The Widows of Eastwick

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  1. What a neat blog you have! I found you through Florinda (The 3 R's).

  2. Thanks for visiting! I am always giddy when I get a comment.

  3. I know the feeling. I love meeting new book bloggers. :)


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