Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review of the Day: How to Find Morels

Milan Pelouch is an 80-year-old mushroom hunter who, in his charming guide, How to Find Morels (subtitled Even as Others are Coming Back Empty Handed) teaches how to identify and locate his favorite morels.

This slim volume is packed with practical information such as photographs identifying “true” and “false” morels, when to expect morels in different regions, and how to locate elusive morels by finding specific types of trees on which the mushrooms thrive. It is also full of folksy advice like the best way to carry morels while hunting (in a cloth bag) and the best way to store them (sauté in butter and freeze in plastic bags). He even includes several of his wife’s best morel recipes.

The book is a refreshing exhortation to enjoy the healthy, educational, and tasty pastime of mushroom hunting. Even for an armchair forager, How to Find Morels is a delight. As Pelouch says, “In less than an hour you can gain the needed know-how and will be flashing a big smile on the way home from a successful hunt instead of stewing in frustration after being skunked once again.” You can’t beat that!


  1. I may have to pick this one up! I have no idea how to find them myself, but I just love morel mushrooms. Thanks for finding this for us!


  2. I first misread the title as "How to Find Morsels" Morsels of what? Then I saw "morels" as "morals". Yikes. Maybe I need to go back to bed!
    p.s. I love morel mushrooms, too.

  3. I could have used this book back on the fourth! We went mushrooming and I was the only one who came back emptyhanded (although I was able to tell my uncle he'd found a falsie).


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