Sunday, September 7, 2008

IN TRIAL: be back soon

Dang! I hate it when my job interferes with my hobbies.


  1. My mother, husband and I are making a trip to Portland after the 15th or October. If you have time, would you mind emailing me some suggestions of places to see or things to do that are not the typical tourist things. We will be doing some of those, too - Powells, Pittock Mansion, Japanese and Chinese Gardens and the Ramona Quimby statues in the park. We'd love to see a neat library, or have suggestions on your favorite restaurants or diners. When we went to Chicago a local blogger suggested a Russian restaurant that had the best Borscht. And she told us we needed to buy some Frango mints from the old Macy store.

    Is there a favorite spot in a park?
    Any suggestions are welcome.

    Also, some Oregon author suggestions. I like to buy something local when I go to a book store. So I need a good suggestion for Powells.

    Gee, I'm asking for a lot. Hope you love to share and have a second.

    My email is booklogged AT gmail DOT com.

  2. As soon as I am done with my trial that is consuming 150% of my brain, I would be happy to email you with suggestions.

    You lucked out because as much as I love reading books, I love planning peoples' vacations and giving travel suggestions. SO, be prepared.

    What part of town are you staying in? Will you have a car? How long will you be in Portland?


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